Catholic Commute S02E50 5 ways to use a Meadow Report

Transform a frustration into connection

Men and women are different. Although many in society try to pretend like that’s not true, more and more secular psychologists are realizing it. Understanding that there ARE differences is not the same as being able to reach ACROSS those differences. As we all work to improve our marriages, we learn more and more tools to help reach. Today I share one new tool with you.

In this episode, I introduce the concept of a “Meadow Report.” It’s an analogy that helps both genders better understand how to connect. Rather than describe it, I encourage you to listen!

If you want to listen to the original Tony Robbins video that gave my wife and I this idea, you can find it below:

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Catholic Commute S02E49 Interview with Ryan DellaCrosse

Father of six, CEO of Catholic Marketing Company, and brand new Podcast star!

Ryan DellaCrosse is a really cool dude. He is a great example to us all about how to push through, work hard, and keep the faith. He has six children, is the CEO of his own business (a Catholic-focused marketing company), and has teamed up with an awesome group to launch a brand new podcast. You’re going to love him!

In this episode I get Ryan for 30 minutes and we explore what he’s done, while also trying to extract some practical advice along the way. Ryan, like all of us, has had some hard moments – and he’s willing to share. Furthermore, you’ll learn about some really neat new happenings in the Catholic world.

Ryan is part of the team that has launched the podcast The Catholic Talk Show. You can check it out here or in your podcast player of choice!

Ryan’s Company is Fuzati. You can read about it on their webpage.

Catholic Commute S02E48 Interview with Mac Barron

Discussion of his new book Clueless in Galilee: A Fresh Take on the Gospels

I’m excited. This is probably one of the interviews I’ve been looking forward to the most for a long time. In fact, my first thought after hearing that Mac had written a new book was “I hope I get to interview him!” You all are in for a treat!

Mac Barron has written a book that takes quite a novel look at the Gospels. Rather than focusing on the deep theology they contain, Mac really tries to highlight the humanity of the players. Let’s face it, the Apostles do some bone-headed things that are actually pretty funny. Mac does a superb job of gently poking fun at just how silly the situations are while still maintaining a proper reverence for the Gospels.

If you’d like to check it out, you can find his book in paperback and kindle format over at Amazon. It’s worth the read – even if you read it while on the can.

Catholic Commute S02E47 Hunting for Meaning

5 Steps to Stay on Track

I’ve just returned from a series of hunting trip and have had some amazing adventures. Along the way, I’ve learned a couple lessons, and would love to share them. It’s easy to get distracted with unimportant things of life, but staying on track requires intentionality.

In this episode I get you 5 steps to stay on track while you hunt for meaning. Meaning is far more important to find than happiness and will last far longer also.

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Catholic Commute S02E46 Reaching Out to God

Touching God in the dark can feel more important than logic and argument

Caryll Houselander writes about how easy it is for us Catholics, via the sledgehammer of zeal and truth, to beat down the inner secret hope of the people whom we are trying to connect to. God has reached out to everyone somehow. For many people, this touch can be so subtle they don’t realize it as such. Yet, they can still be super important and powerful.

In this episode I talk about how we can better connect with God, not through logic and reason, but instead through the innermost fiber of ourselves. God has been trying to reach us our entire lives. He knows better than we do how to best do that. It’s time to listen!

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Catholic Commute S02E45 Interview with Bible Says What

Scandal, Free Will, and What is God?

I’ve been trying to look for more interesting interview topics, and this week I think I’ve got something quite a bit different from the usual. I interview Michael, host of The Bible Says What?! This podcast is a very confrontational podcast that is an attempt to use the Bible to show the “absurdity” of Christianity.

The primary topic that Michael wanted to talk about was the Scandal. More specifically, however, he wanted to understand how free will played into what happened, and how God could be a Good God in light of what happened. Although my answers aren’t perfect, I do think I challenge him in some potent ways.

I invite you to listen, comment, and send feedback. I’m sure I said many things wrong on this one, and I did not know any details about what questions were coming. Let me know what you think!

You can find the Bible Says What?! podcast here.

Catholic Commute S02E44 5 Things to DO while in times of Scandal

Avoid anger, stick to the Truth

This is the worst time of American Catholicism to date. It’s now harder than ever to be Catholic and stand tall amidst the recent barrage of scandals. With such terrible, public, and shameful sin from the very top leadership of the Church, what are we to do?

In this episode I try to give 5 practical and helpful things that each and every Catholic should do right now. We can do the most good when we start by looking at ourselves – and there is plenty to do for each of us. Don’t be overwhelmed by the anger and hatred out there. Stick to the Truth, and Truth will guide us.

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S02E43 Interview with Corine La Font

A discussion about what Dads can do

This episode was initially aired on Between The Lines show. I wanted to share our discussion with Catholic Commute listeners as well!

Show “notes”:

S02E43 Interview with Corine La Font

Youtube link for full discussion if you’re interested:

(You get to see my messy office!)

S02E42 Do we hate our children?

People, as a group, grow to hate those whom are mistreated

This is a mini-episode based upon a thought given by Fr. Lauer in his podcast. I take it an expand upon it.

It’s well documented that when a group of people (A) oppress, attack, or mistreat another group of people (B), that A starts to hate B. I discuss this with some examples.

What’s scary is that right now our country (A) is killing off unborn babies (B) by mass. What are the psychological group effects of this? What can we do about it?

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Catholic Commute S02E41 What do you do that delights the devil?

5 ways we hurt ourselves without realizing it

I think that very few of us modern people will end up in hell at the end of a train of massive crimes. Instead, I think most will arrive with a long train of minor compromises of comfort. To quote, “It is a weapon of a more civilized age.” While we stand back and laud ourselves for not being as base as the generations of old, we quietly dig ourselves in deeper than ever.

In this episode I highlight 5 categories of actions that don’t necessarily seem bad – in fact often seem good – that can bring great delight to the devil in his efforts to doom us to hell. I encourage you, while listening, to see what ways you are guilty of, what things apply to you! Hopefully you’ll find some way to wipe that smirk off of his face.

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