Catholic Commute S02E33 5 Rules of Discipline

Ways to help us parents help our children to grow

Discipline of children is hardly a safe topic these days. The debates about what is, and is not, OK are both widespread and passionate. Yet despite the tension about hot topics like spanking, there are still a set of rules that can be extremely helpful to all parents with all discipline strategies.

In this episode I discuss 5 specific rules of discipline that will help you improve how you correct your children. My goal is not to lecture or pontificate – indeed, most of these I still fail at. Instead, my goal is to help all of us refine what we do when our children misbehave. The biggest and most obvious result will be a change in ourselves.

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Catholic Commute S02E32 Living with Brokenness

Why and How Brokenness is important.

We live in a world that is more broken than ever, yet also more afraid to acknowledge it. When we have physical brokenness, we run to a doctor without shame. When we have emotional, intellectual, or spiritual brokenness, however, we feel ashamed. We hide it, and often are afraid to get the help we so desperately need.

In this episode I try to really explore brokenness on two levels: First, why is it important that we face brokenness – both in ourselves and others? Second, How do we live with it? What do we do? I think these questions are going to become incredibly important as our culture continues to emphasize sex, divorce, and many more toxic behaviors.

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Catholic Commute S02E31 Expectations

It seems better to get what we want than to get something good.

Matthew Kelly, in the Best Lent Ever program, has been really challenging us in how we live our lives.  Recently, he asked about what we expect out of each day.  This question really got me thinking about expectations, and how they affect our lives and our happiness.

In this episode I really want to explore this question. Why do we seem to get more upset about getting a good thing that is less than our expectations than about getting a bad thing? Why are these expectations so powerful, and what can we do about them?

I think managing our expectations, and properly balancing them with Hope, is one important component to finding joy and peace as a Christian, especially as a Catholic.

You can read Viktor Frankl’s book I mention at this link.

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Catholic Commute S02E30 DISC Deep Dive

Temperaments, why they matter, and DISC

This episode might seem a little bit nerdy at first, but I guarantee you that if you really try to learn this system, it will change your life and your relationships. The ability to connect to other people, to make them feel like you “get” them is fundamental to building relationship. Whatever the nature of your interactions (work, personal, marriage, whatever) you will be more effective and happier if you can “connect” to the other person.

In this episode I really dive into the DISC personality system. It seems a little heavy at first, but stick with me. DISC is a unique “fingerprint” of your temperament that will define how you see and interact with the world. It will also enable you to finally “get” those people who just seem to be different from you – and actually are different.

This episode is designed to continue the discussion from last episode about layers.

First, the Free DISC assessment test that I like:

Next, my favorite current DISC book that is available:

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Catholic Commute S02E29 5 Layers of Ogres

Understand yourself to succeed at life

The way we view the world is incredibly complex. Like Ogres, we humans have many layers that determine who we are and how we interact with the world around us. The better we understand these layers, the better we’re able to control our interactions. The better we understand the layers of others, the better we can relate and connect.

In this episode, I explore 5 layers that all of us humans have. They’re each different, but help to define who we are and the gifts God has given us. We need to understand those layers to best predict how we’ll succeed and find happiness.

I mention several links in today’s episode.

First, a free DISC assessment test that I think is pretty good.  Note they will offer to sell you more complicated assessments. Stick with the free:

DISC Assessment

Next, this is the StrengthsFinders test that I recommend:
Lastly, this is the Catholic StrengthsFinder Book:

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Catholic Commute S02E28 How to find Hope

8 Steps for when you feel all is lost

Hope is not only an incredibly powerful thing, it’s an incredibly Christian virtue. We need to open ourselves up to Hope if we want to find happiness in this life. We cannot just wait for things to “get better!”

In this episode I explore 8 specific ways to try to find Hope in your life. I hope that some of them will connect with you in whatever struggles you now are facing.

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Catholic Commute S02E27 8 Steps to Embracing Change

Change is awesome, it's transition we don't like

Most of us men in particular think that “change” is a dirty word. We don’t like it, we fight against it, and we wish we could just put something in one place and have it stay there! Yet life doesn’t work that way, and deep down, even we eventually admit we do like some things to change from time to time.

The painful part of change is actually the transition required to get there. Rather than lament the process, we can study it to better understand and quickly drive through the pain. In this episode I discuss the 8 steps that take place in any change, whether at home or work, for lots of people or just for yourself.

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Catholic Commute S02E26 Resist the Devil

If you don't, you are going to lose

Although no one likes to think or talk about it, the truth is that the devil is very real.  He has one intent, and it’s not pretty.  We need to take him and the threat he brings seriously, or we’re going to trip – more than we do already.  My goal is not to be scary, but to provide encouragement.

In this episode I explore some ways both to identify where in your life the devil has a grip, but also to give some practical advice for ways to start getting free. God set us free for freedom’s sake, so fight for it!  It’s worth it!

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Catholic Commute S02E25 6 Ways to increase family prayer

One step to building your own domestic church

Prayer is hard.  Especially when it involves other people, but I often times struggle just to pray by myself!  I think though, in this particular culture, we have a greater need of prayer – both alone and in groups – than ever before.  As men, as Christians, we have a calling to step up and lead those around is in humble submission to the Lord through prayer.

In this episode I suggest 6 ways to increase your prayer life in your family.  I hope that everyone who listens can find at least a couple practical steps that you can try this week.  Be bold, and step up to lead yourself and your family in prayer. Things will change!

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Catholic Commute S02E24 Big Doings

The bigger the doing, the longer the being required

It’s been awhile, stick around yet!  I’m hoping to get some more episodes coming out.  Today’s episode I look a little bit at the story of Elijah and Elisha, and what we can learn from that story.  We know the highlights of the doings, but we rarely stop to think about the “being” part of that story.

I propose 5 practical ways to help us modern folk (especially men) better capture the lost art of learning how to BE.  The ancients and the saints agree that it’s an incredibly important part of life’s journey. I hope you find something useful to take into your life.

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