Catholic Commute S02E20 The Name of God

The mind-blowingly taken for granted

This is a short episode that is dedicated to pondering about the name of God. It’s something that I think most of us Christians take for granted, yet throughout most of history it was not so.  Furthermore, we’re given permission to use an incredibly personal, intimate name with Him that we just blast right past.

Fr. Mike Schmitz made a great point in his recent homily (you can catch the podcast online) and I’ve been thinking about this ever since.  How should we, as good Christians, think about God’s name?

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Catholic Commute S02E19 The Value of Humiliations

Although tough, they're also essential

Nobody enjoys being humiliated, yet that is one of the surest paths to finding humility.  Still, even though in the abstract it sounds like it might be a good thing, it’s a big leap to see true value.  When we are snubbed or screw up where all can see, it’s hard!  Yet, those moments are sometimes the ones where we can gain a great deal of good if we are open.

In this episode I discuss 5 reasons why humiliations are good things.  Given the right perspective, we can really grow from them.  Perhaps you have been humiliated recently.  Even if not, it’s a safe bet to say they are coming!  I hope you find some help and meaning in whatever stage you are currently in from this discussion.

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Catholic Commute S02E18 5 Reasons you need a budget – and How!

Control your money, control your future

We all know that money is important.  It just never seems to be that big of a deal.  Most of us are pretty responsible, right?  We don’t go blowing our money on the really crazy or stupid things.  We probably even have made reasonable choices for most of our purchases.  The problem, however, is that we aren’t really sure exactly what we are spending our money on.  It just sort of happens.

The purpose of a budget is to transform our spending from something that “happens” to something that is “intentional.”  A good budget may look a lot like what you already spend money on.  The difference is that you will actually know what you are spending.  There are some categories we probably spend too much on – a budget will help with that.  But there are many more benefits to a budget than simple knowledge.  It can change your future.  In this episode I discuss more.

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Catholic Commute S02E17 How to let go of our plans

We cannot choose both our plans and God's at the same time

We all have plans; we all have things we want to accomplish.  This isn’t really a bad thing – God wants us to work and do things.  The problem comes up when sometimes our plan is different from God’s plan.  In those moments, it’s often hard to let go of our plans.  They seem so important, we’ve worked so hard!

In this episode, I discuss 4 ways to help let go of our plans.  It’s not easy, but with the right perspective we can let them go without too much pain.  Hopefully these will help you if you are in a spot where God has asked you to change directions.

If you have any feedback, please feel free to drop a note in the mail!

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Catholic Commute S02E16 5 Ways to find Jesus

We find true meaning only when we connect

We are all struggling to make sense of how to live the Christian life.  We all live in a very noisy and demanding world.  It’s easy to lose sight of how important it is to regularly find and connect with Jesus.  He is supposed to be our most important relationship, but we often forget him in our daily lives.  If we treated our other important relationships the same we we treat Him, we’d have some pretty big problems with those people too!

In this episode I explore 5 different ways that you can try to better connect with Jesus throughout your day.  The bonus is that we all become better people as we do these 5 things.  We all need more peace and stability in our lives, and our Lord is the only one who can truly provide that.

Last note: If you do want to be in touch with Ed Maher to learn more about community cenacolo, please send me an email at and I can connect you together!

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Catholic Commute S02E15 Ed Maher Interview 2

Followup: How to forgive those who hurt us most

Ed’s story is a motivation and inspiration.  In this story, we dive into Daddy-wounds and also how to forgive our wives, sometimes when it seems impossible.  The lessons that Ed has learned in community can apply to us all.

Come along again for an awesome discussion.  I found his view on life to be both refreshing and helpful, I’m sure you will too!

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Catholic Commute S02E14 Ed Maher Interview 1

How one man recovered from losing it all!

Ed contacted me and told me he had to tell his story.  After listening to him, I realized he was right!  His story is amazing.  It’s the story of a man who had everything the world said he needed.  He lost it all, and discovered what he really needs.  He spent 4 years in a private community, and finally found himself, and found God.

Ed’s story is one that has forced me to challenge my own view on the world.  I think you’ll find it challenging too.  This is the first of two interviews, and the first chance to get a glimpse into what community life is like.

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Catholic Commute S02E13 5 ways to fight the darkness

What to do when everything seems broken

Recently things haven’t been going as smoothly as I’d like.  There have been difficulties with work and at home.  When everything feels broken, and I cannot seem to get anything to actually work, it’s hard not to just give in to frustration.  Yet, in those moments, there are still things that we can do to fight against the darkness.

We all hit those periods of darkness, periods when life just doesn’t seem to make sense.  It’s basically a guarantee right from the gospel.  This is my first episode in quite some time, I hope you find it helpful.  I discuss a lot of what has been going on in my life recently.

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Catholic Commute S02E12 Interview with Ragan Sutterfield – The Given Life

What modern Americans may be missing in life

This week I offer you a rather different topic.  I do believe that we often confuse what is important in life, and end up drifting around.  We move from place to place, and drift from topic to topic.  Wendell Berry is a well-known author who started many of the modern grass-roots movements, and he has a lot to offer on this phenomenon.  This week, I interview Ragan Sutterfield, who has written a biography on Wendell Berry.

What is the value of staying in one location and growing roots?  What are the dangers of modern technology?  Berry offers his views – via Sutterfield – on these topics.  Join our conversation!

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Catholic Commute S02E11 6 Reasons why you need to stop watching sex on TV

Skin isn't as innocent as the media suggests

This is a difficult topic, one we all struggle with.  We are bombarded daily with a mass of skin-revealed content.  Society around us says that there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of skin.  After all, we do have some limits, right?  Yet, deep down inside, we get this sense that something isn’t quite right.  Perhaps we enjoy it a bit too much – or perhaps we feel awkward watching it.

I’m going to advocate a difficult choice.  I think we, all Christians, should stop watching sexual scenes on television.  This isn’t easy – without great tools like VidAngel, it may mean just giving up certain movies and TV shows.  Still, I think it’s important.

I invite you to listen to my reasons and, if you feel moved, send me a response with what you think.  This may be one of my most controversial episodes yet.

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