Catholic Commute S02E41 What do you do that delights the devil?

5 ways we hurt ourselves without realizing it

I think that very few of us modern people will end up in hell at the end of a train of massive crimes. Instead, I think most will arrive with a long train of minor compromises of comfort. To quote, “It is a weapon of a more civilized age.” While we stand back and laud ourselves for not being as base as the generations of old, we quietly dig ourselves in deeper than ever.

In this episode I highlight 5 categories of actions that don’t necessarily seem bad – in fact often seem good – that can bring great delight to the devil in his efforts to doom us to hell. I encourage you, while listening, to see what ways you are guilty of, what things apply to you! Hopefully you’ll find some way to wipe that smirk off of his face.

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Catholic Commute S02E40 Stand up straight with your shoulders back

5 areas we all should be more confident in

I’m currently reading Jordan Peterson’s book “12 Rules for Life,” and today’s episode is some discussion about Rule 1, “Stand up straight with your shoulders back.” I think this is a fantastic rule, and there are a lot of ways we should take it to heart.

In this episode, I discuss 5 particular aspects that I believe us Catholic Men need to start standing up straight for. We have a lot of things right, but our actions don’t make it look that way. Our highest calling is to follow Christ and show is light to the world, but we cannot do that effectively when we wimp out about our message. Christ most certainly stood tall when he announced his message.

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Catholic Commute S02E39 My Response to The Political Correctness Debate with Dr Jordan Peterson

A proposal on how to differentiate Moderate from Radical

Dr. Jordan Peterson is sweeping the modern social media channels with popularity for good reason. He brings a fantastic viewpoint to the modern discussion that is both challenging and uplifting. I think many of us will learn a lot by listening to him. In a recently aired debate, Dr. Peterson took an opposing role on the topic of Political Correctness.

In this episode I brief introduce the debate, but then really zoom into my proposal. One of the biggest challenges in modern political conversations is the confusion of Moderate and Radical ideas. Michelle Goldberg presents the idea that “violence” separates these two, but that rubric is insufficient.

Catholic Commute S02E38 5 Tips To Take Kids Fishing

Fishing is not actually about the fish, but they help!

Many of us have this ideal vision of a perfect fishing trip with a child, but if we try to go, we get an emotional train wreck. Fishing is supposed to be peaceful – but not with children. What do we do?

In this episode I try to break open my tips and tricks for how to have a successful fishing episode with your children. I don’t discuss a single lure or bait – instead I want you to create an intentional environment. You can have success from the shore or in a boat; it’s the people, expectations, and attitudes that matter.

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Catholic Commute S02E37 Spanking

What, When, Why, How, and How Not To for Spanking

Spanking is a highly debated discipline strategy these days. Many people in particular are quite opposed to spanking, and there is some data to suggest they may be right. The biggest problem is that it’s almost impossible to have an open honest discussion because the issue is so heated. To top it all off, Pope Francis recently waded into the discussion and has provoked even more heated responses.

In this episode I break out four different aspects of spanking:

  1. What is spanking, and how does it compare to other types of discipline?
  2. What can a spouse do to reduce the amount of (or avoid entirely) spanking?
  3. What are some reasons why some people think spanking is OK?
  4. What are some things that you should NOT do when spanking?

My hope with this episode is to really create some open honest gentle-worded discussion about this topic. A lot of parents are struggling with this, and we all need the help!

If you’d like to be part of the discussion, please send me an email at

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Catholic Commute S02E36 Life Before Death Part 2

Pain tells us that we are alive!

Words matter, because our words a crystalization of our thoughts. The words and ideas we choose to embrace define who we become. Are we to be people who value life and things that are active, lively, and life-focused? Or instead are we to be people who drift in the current of things that are dead and dying. Our culture is dying in many ways. Do you want to float along with it?

In this episode I discuss 5 practical ways that every Christian, every Catholic can really choose to embrace being a people of Life. Life involves risk, involves pain. It’s not easy, but the alternative is worse! Choose life, become active and fight for what is living. It’s the only good way to live.

Either get busy living, or get busy dying!

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Catholic Commute S02E35 Life Before Death Part 1

How to approach someone who is not Pro Life

Life before death is a set of words that can have a lot of meaning. In addition to a way to live, it also can indicate what we should do in the current political climate. The basic truths of words often times point to themselves, they are “self evident.” This phrase hopefully is such.

In this episode I really focus on how to approach those people who don’t share Pro Life values. My goal is not to try to persuade you to be Pro Life. Most listeners are already, and for those who aren’t let me know – I’ll direct you to some great resources. Instead, I hope that I can give you some help to spread this message.

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Catholic Commute S02E34 13 Ways to Frustrate People

Or ways to help them feel supported and loved - you decide!

This episode is inspired by a podcast by Michael Hyatt. I think there are things that all of us do that can profoundly affect those around us – specifically that we don’t realize ourselves. These actions, even when well intentioned, can be painful. The only solution is to pause, look at ourselves seriously, and start to notice.

In this episode I explore 13 of these behaviors that can be so obnoxious to others. While it is unlikely that you do all 13, it’s virtually a guarantee that you do at least a few of them! I invite you challenge yourself and try to change – support those whom you love in the way they need the most!

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Catholic Commute S02E33 5 Rules of Discipline

Ways to help us parents help our children to grow

Discipline of children is hardly a safe topic these days. The debates about what is, and is not, OK are both widespread and passionate. Yet despite the tension about hot topics like spanking, there are still a set of rules that can be extremely helpful to all parents with all discipline strategies.

In this episode I discuss 5 specific rules of discipline that will help you improve how you correct your children. My goal is not to lecture or pontificate – indeed, most of these I still fail at. Instead, my goal is to help all of us refine what we do when our children misbehave. The biggest and most obvious result will be a change in ourselves.

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Catholic Commute S02E32 Living with Brokenness

Why and How Brokenness is important.

We live in a world that is more broken than ever, yet also more afraid to acknowledge it. When we have physical brokenness, we run to a doctor without shame. When we have emotional, intellectual, or spiritual brokenness, however, we feel ashamed. We hide it, and often are afraid to get the help we so desperately need.

In this episode I try to really explore brokenness on two levels: First, why is it important that we face brokenness – both in ourselves and others? Second, How do we live with it? What do we do? I think these questions are going to become incredibly important as our culture continues to emphasize sex, divorce, and many more toxic behaviors.

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