Other Audio Resources

Lighthouse Catholic Media: Great spot to get some fantastic Christians talks.  Get them for a couple bucks in CD or MP3 form.  Subscribe to the monthly program!

Father John Riccardo: Fr. John Riccardo is the pastor of Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church in Plymouth, Michigan.  He has a series of homilies, retreats, and mission speeches that have been put into podcast form.  If you want to randomize what you receive each day, sign up to his podcast Christ is the answer.  They are all fantastic, this man is on fire for Jesus.

Bishop Robert Barron: Bishop Barron releases his homilies for every week before the Sunday arrives.  They’re a great way to get in some good homily-learning, especially if you know that your kids will be a nuisance through your homily at your parish.

Father Mike Schmitz: Fr. Mike Schmitz puts all his homilies out after they occur. He tends to go in series, and often has some fantastic insights that other teachers may have missed specific to last Sunday’s gospel reading.

Catholic Stuff You Should Know: This is a fantastic podcast that features an army of priests who pair up to evaluate and consider an important religious topic.  You’ll come for the banter, but stay for the deep pearls of wisdom.

The Lanky Guys: This is a great podcast where Fr. Peter and Biblical scholar Scott Powell go into great depth about the upcoming Sunday’s Mass Readings.  You will get SO much more out of mass readings if you listen to this first.  Almost every week they tie all the readings together into a nearly perfect set.

Jordan B Peterson Podcast: Dr. Peterson is a professor in Canada who has undertaken several awesome and ambitious lecture topics. Notably he’s exploring the value of the Bible without religious context, as well as many other explorations into our scientific understanding in light of the faith.

Catholic in a small town: Mac and Katherine Barron have a podcast + more as they share what their lives and families are like.  You’ll laugh with them and groan as their kids create havoc.  It’s a good time, and it helps to feel like you’re not alone with the struggles of being Catholic in this world.

Adventures in Imperfect Living: Greg and Jennifer Willits audio podcast is a good way to share one family’s struggles making it all works.  The podcast is similar to Catholic in a Small town.  Each podcast will often tease the other.

Pro Ecclesia Free Talks: A great collection of mp3 files of talks that will gives you hours of listening.  I especially like Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s talk

Catholic Answers Live Podcast: An interesting podcast for those who want to better understand the Faith.

Daily Bread Podcast: Several times a week Fr. Al Lauer has a thought-provoking and insightful podcast.

EWTN Podcasts: A list of all the great media produced by EWTN in podcast form!

Audio Books: There are lots of ways to obtain audio books through various types of programs.  They’re sometimes expensive but definitely worth it.  Look through blog articles to find ones about great books!


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