Catholic Commute S02E49 Interview with Ryan DellaCrosse

Father of six, CEO of Catholic Marketing Company, and brand new Podcast star!

Ryan DellaCrosse is a really cool dude. He is a great example to us all about how to push through, work hard, and keep the faith. He has six children, is the CEO of his own business (a Catholic-focused marketing company), and has teamed up with an awesome group to launch a brand new podcast. You’re going to love him!

In this episode I get Ryan for 30 minutes and we explore what he’s done, while also trying to extract some practical advice along the way. Ryan, like all of us, has had some hard moments – and he’s willing to share. Furthermore, you’ll learn about some really neat new happenings in the Catholic world.

Ryan is part of the team that has launched the podcast The Catholic Talk Show. You can check it out here or in your podcast player of choice!

Ryan’s Company is Fuzati. You can read about it on their webpage.

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