Catholic Commute S02E45 Interview with Bible Says What

Scandal, Free Will, and What is God?

I’ve been trying to look for more interesting interview topics, and this week I think I’ve got something quite a bit different from the usual. I interview Michael, host of The Bible Says What?! This podcast is a very confrontational podcast that is an attempt to use the Bible to show the “absurdity” of Christianity.

The primary topic that Michael wanted to talk about was the Scandal. More specifically, however, he wanted to understand how free will played into what happened, and how God could be a Good God in light of what happened. Although my answers aren’t perfect, I do think I challenge him in some potent ways.

I invite you to listen, comment, and send feedback. I’m sure I said many things wrong on this one, and I did not know any details about what questions were coming. Let me know what you think!

You can find the Bible Says What?! podcast here.

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