Catholic Commute S02E31 Expectations

It seems better to get what we want than to get something good.

Matthew Kelly, in the Best Lent Ever program, has been really challenging us in how we live our lives.  Recently, he asked about what we expect out of each day.  This question really got me thinking about expectations, and how they affect our lives and our happiness.

In this episode I really want to explore this question. Why do we seem to get more upset about getting a good thing that is less than our expectations than about getting a bad thing? Why are these expectations so powerful, and what can we do about them?

I think managing our expectations, and properly balancing them with Hope, is one important component to finding joy and peace as a Christian, especially as a Catholic.

You can read Viktor Frankl’s book I mention at this link.

You can download the .mp3 file here.

S02E31 Expectations


Mini Episode


Expectations – the true cause of unhappiness


Matthew Kelly and first thing expected in the morning


What Catholic expectations ought to be


Challenge ourselves.


Can still hope

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