Catholic Commute S02E12 Interview with Ragan Sutterfield – The Given Life

What modern Americans may be missing in life

This week I offer you a rather different topic.  I do believe that we often confuse what is important in life, and end up drifting around.  We move from place to place, and drift from topic to topic.  Wendell Berry is a well-known author who started many of the modern grass-roots movements, and he has a lot to offer on this phenomenon.  This week, I interview Ragan Sutterfield, who has written a biography on Wendell Berry.

What is the value of staying in one location and growing roots?  What are the dangers of modern technology?  Berry offers his views – via Sutterfield – on these topics.  Join our conversation!

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Reagen Sutter-feld


Ragan Sutterfield is the author
of Cultivating Reality: How the Soil
Might Save Us, and a memoir,
This Is My Body. His work has
also appeared in a variety of
magazines including The Christian Century, The
Oxford American, Men’s Journal, Triathlete, Gourmet,
Fast Company, and Books & Culture. He is an
endurance athlete and long-time naturalist who
loves records, film, and seeking the good life with
his wife, Emily, and their daughters, Lillian and
Lucia. He has worked as a teacher, librarian and
farmer, but he is most of all a reader and writer.
His work also appears regularly in the Englewood


Wendel Berry and the given life

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