Catholic Commute S01E46 7 Steps to get started hunting

There's a lot to learn but it is so worth it!

It can be very intimidating to actually consider starting something new that is as intricate and involved as hunting.  No 30 minute podcast can fully prepare someone for that experience, but my goal is to help give you some big picture perspective on what it will require.  With good preparation and especially a good guide, you can make an easy transition.

The most important steps of starting hunting are to find a good guide and pack well.  I cover these two topics at length, and then discuss several other important tips.  If you get the basics down, you will enable yourself to have a great hunting experience that will help you to find all the benefits I discussed in the previous episode.  Good luck and get out there!

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Episode 46: 7 Steps to get started hunting

  1. Find a guide
    1. Start with family/good friends
    2. Next go to parish
    3. Give the guide space
    4. It may take a few tries
  2. List of what you need
    1. Rifle – borrow?
    2. Camo – potentially just one layer to pull over the top
    3. Warm clothes – you may already have enough
    4. Backpack – can go cheap for field, and borrow/craigslist a meat pack
    5. Knives
    6. Emergency gear
    7. tent/camping – could be in the back of your car.
    8. Food – keep it simple.  Don’t go too short on calories if it’s cold out.
  3. Keep it cheap
    1. Craigslist
    2. Borrow things
    3. Doesn’t have to be top-grade
    4. Craigslist is actually listing stuff for hunters who want an upgrade
  4. Do your research
    1. Google map
    2. Hunting forums
  5. Think like the elk
    1. Water, food, safety
    2. Move at dusk and dawn
  6. Make a list before packing
    1. Seems silly, but it will save you.
  7. Don’t have any expectations of a kill
    1. be calm and humble
    2. Don’t just start shooting at the first patch of brown fur you see

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