Catholic Commute S01E39 5 Reasons why you should attend a conference this year

Attending a conference can change your life

Sometimes it can seem overwhelming to try to carve out the time it takes to attend a convention or a conference.  In the last episode we had a great discussion with Bill Donaghy about the upcoming Theology of the Body congress.  In this episode, I want to challenge all of us about the importance of setting a large block of time apart for spiritual growth.

Attending a conference isn’t fun or sensational, but it can change your life.  It’s easy to listen to the devil’s distractions about how we don’t have time or can’t find child care – but instead I think we all need to think more carefully about just how much benefit can come.  In this episode, I offer you some reasons to make that time.

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Episode 39: 5 Reasons why you should attend a conference this year


Last episode we had Bill Donaghy, who will soon be speaking at the 2016 International Theology of the Body Congress coming to California this September.  I want to make it more general. Why should you go to any conference?


  1. break up the routine
    1. We are creatures of habit.  Repetition dulls our senses
    2. Common complaint about Catholics – all the bells and smells lose meaning
  2. build community
    1. Pope Francis: “I was always looking for a community.  I did not see myself as a priest on my own. I need a community.”
    2. We are meant to be the body of Christ, all together.  It helps to see it
    3. These connections will last
  3. Ignite passion
    1. Find a conference with great speakers
    2. Don’t be surprised if the speaker that most connects with you isn’t the one you expected
    3. Personal Story: Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers left comfortable job to start ministry.
  4. Learn about more resources
    1. Talks, books, etc
    2. Programs that might be happening in your area
    3. Plan to spend a little bit of money – it’s good for you and for them.
  5. Become a witness for others
    1. Tell others you’re going, let them see how important it is to you
    2. Offer to bring them along

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