Catholic Commute S01E36 5 Steps to becoming more Humble

Humility is hard to find and even harder to grow

Pride is a dangerous component of every sin, and of every person.  We all suffer from pride.  The less prideful you think you are, the more you actually are likely to be.  To overcome this pride requires more than simply embracing religion or speaking poorly of oneself.  It requires a change of heart.

In this episode, I discuss 5 steps to becoming more humble.  I draw heavily upon C S Lewis, both in his writings and in his book The Screwtape Letters.  Humility is hard, and I hope that you will find these suggestions to be helpful for you to overcome your own challenges with pride!

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Catholic Commute S01E35 6 Dangers of Pride

Pride is the root of all sin

I think most of us can quickly point out pride in others (especially politicians).  How easily though can we look at ourselves?  Pride is an elusive and tricky subject, it easily escapes our detection.

In this episode I discuss 6 dangers of pride.  I talk about how it can sneak into our life and disguise itself, causing great havoc.  Next episode I’ll talk about how to find true humility.

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Catholic Commute S01E34 5 Steps To Help us Evangelize Better

Practical ways you can share the love of Jesus with others

While there are many reasons we may not be evangelizing, I think all of us realize we should do more.  Christ has given us a gift beyond comprehension by His death on the cross.  The only reasonable response is to share this story.  We do not have any trouble sharing our story with a new restaurant or a new movie – why do we have so much trouble sharing our encounter with Christ?

In this episode, I hope to give you some help with this.  I offer you 5 practical tips to help you share your story with others.  It is not easy – the devil himself is dedicated to preventing this.  We have to be intention, we have to remember the importance that sharing our story has.  I know that you have the power to make a difference in the lives of others.

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Catholic Commute S01E33 6 reasons that we may not be evangelizing

What you can do to answer the call of our Lord

We alll fall short of what we have been called to.   For those of us who are Christian, who know that we have a special charter to show Jesus to the world.  Yet, we tend not to do that. Why?

In this episode, I explore 6 reasons why all of us are not evangelizing – are not showing what Jesus has done in our lives.  I hope that, as you consider these reasons, you will find motivation to change; reasons to really share who and what Jesus is.  Evangelization seems hard, but can be so easy.

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Catholic Commute S01E32 5 Stories to help in a storm

Although storms are painful, stories of others can help

Currently my wife and I are going through our own storm.  In the midst of this storm, there are several stories that I’ve encountered that have been really helpful.  These are stories of how great faith can overcome any storm and result in a goodness that only God knew of.  There are no points or lessons in this episode.

I hope that you will find these stories helpful.  Sometimes stories can point out in our own lives the ways that we could be doing things better.  Sometimes stories can bring us to tears (that happened to me for one of them.)  Whatever your current state of life, I hope one of these stories is helpful to you.

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Catholic Commute S01E28 6 Steps to find meaning in what you do

Meaning comes from loving and serving - God first, then others

Today many of us feel like we are stuck as a cog in a machine.  It’s not easy to see why what we do actually matters. Without meaning, our lives start to feel like they don’t really matter.  This is not how God intended us to live.

In this episode, I discuss 6 steps to recapturing meaning in your life.  You can find a purpose, but only through loving and serving God and others.  We need to all be willing to risk: risk our hearts, risk our comfort, even risk our happiness in order to find that love and purpose.

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Catholic Commute S01E27 Faith, Hope, and Love – which are you weakest in

Most people struggle with one of the three theological virtues

This content is condensed from a series of podcasts released by “Catholic Stuff You should Know.”  It was a really great set of podcasts that I believed deserved a repackaging into a single space.  If you enjoy this podcast, I really suggest you go check out the originals as well!

Most people struggle with a shortcoming in one of the three theological virtues.  It has some interesting effects on your life.  In this episode, I discuss each virtue, the vice that comes from a shortcoming, and practical steps to help you overcome that vice.  As always, the first step is simply to become aware of what challenges you face, and bring them in prayer to the Lord.

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Catholic Commute S01E25 7 Points from Jeff Cavin’s Book When You Suffer

My take-away points from reading this book, and why you should!

Jeff Cavins When you suffer book

Suffering is inevitable.  The question is not if we will suffer, but instead what we will do with it.  Unfortunately, our society has a particularly low view on the value of suffering.  Jeff’s book offers a different view.

Today I talk about the 7 big take-away points I got from reading this book.  By no means is this a replacement for actually reading it.  If you currently are in the midst of suffering, this book is a must-read.  It not only covers the theology and meaning of suffering, but the last chapter has 10 practical tips for what to do when you are in the midst of suffering.

If you did not catch the previous episode, make sure you go and listen!  Jeff was generous enough to allow me to call him and ask him several questions about suffering.  You will enjoy his answers!

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Catholic Commute S01E24 Jeff Cavins Interview – When You Suffer

Biblical teacher Jeff Cavins joins us today to talk about his newest book!

Jeff Cavins holding his suffering book

Today is a special treat!  I was originally going to air this episode on Monday, but in honor of memorial day, decided to delay to Tuesday.  After all, very few people should be making their commute today!  I think, however, it is worth the wait.

Jeff Cavins is the author of the Bible Timeline series, a fantastic journey through the narrative books of the Bible that really connects it all together. His newest book, “When you suffer, Biblical keys for hope and understanding” is fantastic.  He talks about what all Christians can do when the inevitable suffering comes.

Today he was generous enough to give me the time to ask a series of questions.  He unpacks a lot of difficult and challenging topics on suffering.  The topics ranged from theology to practical steps in your own life.

Thank you so much Jeff for this great opportunity!  If you have not subscribed to the podcast (you can in iTunes!) you can download the file directly here, or use the player below!

Catholic Commute S01E23 7 Steps to Improving Your Family Prayer Life

Guiding your children to the power and value of prayer

If learning to pray oneself is hard, teaching and leading your kids may seem nearly impossible.  Yet, if you don’t do it (and let’s be honest, it is primarily your job!) then who else will?  This is a super critical element of parenthood – teaching and communicating the faith.  Teaching children can be slow, painful, and frustrating.

In this episode I try to break it down a little bit into 7 practical steps that I have found useful to help my own children learn to pray.  You can start to build these basic habits and practices when they are very young.  It isn’t easy, but it will carry great weight forward.  One surprising side benefit is that it helps to keep me more honest in my prayer life!

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