Catholic Commute S02E22 Anxiety and Frustration

How Wisdom can help us find peace

We live in a crazy world filled with constant noise and concern.  The average American has more stress than they can possibly hold on to.  Our bodies are failing because we worry so much.  What can we do, it’s all around us?

Christianity has been marked from the beginning  by a presence of supernatural peace despite the world.  A wise man learns how to let go of the world, choosing instead to trust and lean on God.  In this episode I give 5 practical steps to letting go of anxiety and frustration.

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Catholic Commute S02E18 5 Reasons you need a budget – and How!

Control your money, control your future

We all know that money is important.  It just never seems to be that big of a deal.  Most of us are pretty responsible, right?  We don’t go blowing our money on the really crazy or stupid things.  We probably even have made reasonable choices for most of our purchases.  The problem, however, is that we aren’t really sure exactly what we are spending our money on.  It just sort of happens.

The purpose of a budget is to transform our spending from something that “happens” to something that is “intentional.”  A good budget may look a lot like what you already spend money on.  The difference is that you will actually know what you are spending.  There are some categories we probably spend too much on – a budget will help with that.  But there are many more benefits to a budget than simple knowledge.  It can change your future.  In this episode I discuss more.

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Catholic Commute S02E11 6 Reasons why you need to stop watching sex on TV

Skin isn't as innocent as the media suggests

This is a difficult topic, one we all struggle with.  We are bombarded daily with a mass of skin-revealed content.  Society around us says that there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of skin.  After all, we do have some limits, right?  Yet, deep down inside, we get this sense that something isn’t quite right.  Perhaps we enjoy it a bit too much – or perhaps we feel awkward watching it.

I’m going to advocate a difficult choice.  I think we, all Christians, should stop watching sexual scenes on television.  This isn’t easy – without great tools like VidAngel, it may mean just giving up certain movies and TV shows.  Still, I think it’s important.

I invite you to listen to my reasons and, if you feel moved, send me a response with what you think.  This may be one of my most controversial episodes yet.

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Catholic Commute S02E10 Separation and Divorce with Lisa Duffy

Healing and Hope for those in separation

Lisa Duffy returns to the show for a third time to conclude the series.  We wrap up our theme of marriage with a discussion about what to do when your spouse has left.  This episode opens up very painful and difficult subjects.  It is not an easy discussion, and only those who are in this situation understand just how yucky it can be.  I am so thankful for Lisa’s wisdom and perspective.

Although the topic of discussion is separation and divorce, I believe that this episode contains a great deal of wisdom for all of us, married or not.  Those of us whose marriage is still intact need to remember just how valuable it is, how precious.  We need to fight for it.  But we also need to pray for those whose marriage is not intact.  Their path is a difficult one, and all our hearts must go out to support them and work for resolution.

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Catholic Commute S02E07 Practical ways to improve your marriage

Interview with Lisa Duffy #2

Mrs. Lisa Duffy is an expert on the subject of marriage and divorce.  In order to help us guys out a bit more (and who doesn’t need the help with marriage?) I have invited her back again for another interview.  The last time she was a deep well of great ideas, and this time I think she was even better.

I think it’s hard for us men – we genuinely do want to try to love our wives, but we often don’t know how, or we mis-fire somehow.  In this episode, we really zoom in on some practical steps that men can do, in many different phases of marriage, to effectively tell our wives that we do love them, that we want to serve them.  I know that I learned a lot in this episode!

If you enjoy what Lisa has to offer, you can read more from her books!

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Catholic Commute S02E05 5 Ways to be Present

You can't influence someone who you aren't with

Today we have distractions all around us.  Multiple pieces of technology constantly attack our attention.  Phones are beeping, email is calling, and news updates are flashing.  It’s harder than ever to actually be in one place at one time.  Yet, it is critical that we are present with other people to enable real relationships.  I can think of no greater challenge in the technological age than truly being present with people amidst the noise of technology.

In this episode I explore the topic of Presence.  People cannot connect to us or believe that we think they matter if we aren’t actually present with them.  This concept isn’t new – what’s new is that it’s now possible to be physically present but not mentally present in totally new ways.  To establish meaningful relationships, to truly affect the change we desperately want to affect, we must be present with people.  In this episode I present my thoughts about how to do that.

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Catholic Commute S02E03 6 Disciplines to improve your marriage

If we don't have a healthy marriage, our other goals won't work!

Marriage is hard.  Last episode in the discussion with Mrs. Lisa Duffy, we covered a couple things that men especially can do to help improve their marriages.  I want to continue that theme.  I think, as we start this new year and have whatever goals and objectives we’ve set, we need to start by making our marriages a priority.  We need to realize that a healthy marriage translates into a successful future.  The old adage is still true: Happy Wife, Happy Life!

In this episode I explore 6 disciplines that will not only help us all to change how we look at our marriages, but increase the love and union that exists with our spouses.  Marriage IS hard.  To build it successfully we must be willing to sacrifice.  We must be willing to give, even when it hurts.  I think far too many spouses, especially husbands, are interested in taking.  I want to encourage us all to change our perspectives, and build happy, Biblical marriages.

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Catholic Commute S02E02 Interview with Lisa Duffy about Divorce

Divorce is a tragic reality that we need to discuss

This week we are joined by a very special expert.  One of the major goals of this podcast is to help men (and women!) improve the quality of their marriages.  We all know what the divorce rates are.  While we try to pretend like it could never happen around us, the statistics say otherwise.  Whether you are single, married, or divorced yourself, we all need to learn!

Lisa Duffy is an expert on the topic of what the church teaches about divorce.  Having been through an unwanted divorce herself, she is also an expert about both how to recover, and perhaps even more importantly, some ways to help avoid it.  This is the first interview in what may become a series of interviews that is intended to start a discussion on this very painful topic.

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Catholic Commute S01E47 4 Steps to forgiving a wrong

Forgiveness is actually about helping yourself - not the other person

There are few things I struggle with more than forgiveness.  It’s one thing when someone accidentally drops a chair on your toe – that’s understandable (but annoying!)  It’s quite another thing when someone deliberately insults and ridicules you in public.  Yet, we are called to forgive the latter much more strongly than the former.

If this sounds difficult to you (and as I share my story, it was difficult for me in the recent occurrence as well), then it may help to get some advice.  In my struggles to forgive my recent injury, I needed some help.  In this episode, I offer that help.  There are 4 steps that were helpful for me to forgive this recent incident.  We all have offenses that we don’t want to forgive.  I encourage everyone to consider these 4 reasons, and to forgive.

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Catholic Commute S01E38 Interview with Bill Donaghy on the Theology of the Body

Understanding God's plan for how to live your life

This week we have a special guest – Bill Donaghy has joined us to talk about how we can understand all of our relationships in the light of the Theology of the Body (TOB).  The TOB was originally a series of homilies by Pope John Paul II that spells out how the fundamental truths of our identity can be found in scripture and apply to our daily lives.  Bill helps us apply these in very concrete ways to life as a modern man.

Bill is a speaker at the 2016 International Theology of the Body Congress coming to the Ontario Convention Center this September in Southern California.  You can read more about the congress at  It should be a great opportunity to study, learn, and grow.  You can learn more about TOB at

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