portland_family_portrait_sterling-11 SmallHey, I’m Michael Jaquith.  I am married with three little girls with a fourth baby on the way, pray for safety!  We live in Boise, ID and own our own small business.  I am also a Christian convert. After spending far too many years trying it my way, I joined the Catholic Church in the Fall 2008.

I’ve done a lot of things the wrong way.  I’ve failed a lot.  But I’ve learned a lot along the way and I think I can help other guys figure things out sooner.

Throughout the struggles though, I’ve gotten some help.  I want to help others in turn and invite all men to join me on the path to Christlike leadership.  What we have going on now…it’s just too important to try it alone.  To read more, please see the introductory post here.

If you want to grow to become the man that God has called you to be, this blog is the right spot for you.  It won’t be easy or painless, but I’ll be straightforward and clear about what you need to do to find peace and to help make you and your family happier.

My Hobbies

I’m a new and super excited hunter.  I do both rifle and bow hunting, largely depending on what my schedule for that year allows.  I got my first elk with a rifle in 2014.  I’m sure I’ll make a post about that one soon, as it is quite an amazing story.

Why do I hunt?  Several reasons: First, and most importantly, I love the outdoors.  For me there is nothing to compare to the peace of being away from civilization and surrounded by nature.  Combine this with the majestic splendor of the Rocky Mountains, and it’s like personal retreat that God designed.  Second, I love wild game meat.  I hunt for meat, not for trophies.  If you haven’t had elk meat, well, come visit me in OR and I’ll cook you up some amazing elk burgers.  Finally, it’s an opportunity to connect with other guys outside of the high-stress environment of my job.  My dream one day is to host Christian hunting trips.  It’s a level of quality time and immersion that cannot be matched by any other male activity I know of.

I also am a home-brewer.  What’s funny about this is that, before I started doing it, I didn’t even like beer.  I sometimes joke I had to learn to make my own so that I could make something I’d like to drink.  I’ve also specialized in wines (especially fruit), ciders, and fruit concoctions (the ladies love these).  I built my own kegerator for my home brew and usually have one beer, one cider, one fruit alcoholic drink, and one carbonated water on tap.  I love experimenting!  The good batches go so fast I barely get a glass.  I especially love my home-made blackberry wine, inspired by the hard work of the Weaver family – a family so close they basically adopted me growing up.

Again, if you’re ever in Boise, swing by and try the lineup!

My Story

Although we currently own a small fence installation business, I actually have a Ph.D. in Chemistry.  Sometimes I joke that I’m the fence doctor.  I worked for many years as research engineer for semiconductor manufacturing companies.  I’ve been in the mathematical science fields for my entire adult life.

Born and raised in northern Michigan, my parents divorced as I entered Middle School after a not-quite-perfect marriage.  They taught me to work hard and in 2003 I earned both a B.S. in Chemistry and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Michigan Technological Institute.  I then went to Cornell University in upstate New York, earning my Ph.D. in Chemistry in Jan 2009.  I loved the midwest and assumed I’d never leave it.  However, when I started looking for a job, the economy tanked and only one company was hiring: on the west coast.

In February I moved to the pacific northwest; I had never imagined I’d move so far from family.  After finding a job, I discovered I had the right mentality to thrive in this otherwise “crazy” environment (imagine a bee-hive on methamphetamine).  Within a year I met Sterling, we were married 9 months later.

Through the pains of marriage, it quickly became clear to me that I had no idea what a good husband was supposed to do.  I questioned whether or not I could do it at all.  I met a couple men who were in the trenches as well, and we started meeting regularly to share stories and encouragement.  Then, a man named Ben changed my life: he introduced me to audio books and talks.

I subscribed to lighthouse media, obtained several audio books (notably of C.S. Lewis) and started listening.  Commute, yard work, car maintenance, cooking…virtually every activity by myself became an opportunity to listen.  I heard things I had never heard before, but badly needed.  These authors assembled wisdom into a picture that, while I had never seen, had been desperately searching for.

I have a long ways to go.  That’s perhaps one of the more painful parts of growth.  It’s like climbing a mountain: each ridge you summit only reveals how much further up the mountain goes.  But along the way, it’s amazing to see how much better my relationships at home, work, church, everywhere get with each new ridge.  It’s worth it.

I hope you can come along.  We’re not made to do it alone. Let’s live intentionally.  The stakes are high.

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