Catholic Commute S02E11 6 Reasons why you need to stop watching sex on TV

Skin isn't as innocent as the media suggests

This is a difficult topic, one we all struggle with.  We are bombarded daily with a mass of skin-revealed content.  Society around us says that there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of skin.  After all, we do have some limits, right?  Yet, deep down inside, we get this sense that something isn’t quite right.  Perhaps we enjoy it a bit too much – or perhaps we feel awkward watching it.

I’m going to advocate a difficult choice.  I think we, all Christians, should stop watching sexual scenes on television.  This isn’t easy – without great tools like VidAngel, it may mean just giving up certain movies and TV shows.  Still, I think it’s important.

I invite you to listen to my reasons and, if you feel moved, send me a response with what you think.  This may be one of my most controversial episodes yet.

You can download the episode here, or listen below!

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