Catholic Commute S02E11 6 Reasons why you need to stop watching sex on TV

Skin isn't as innocent as the media suggests

This is a difficult topic, one we all struggle with.  We are bombarded daily with a mass of skin-revealed content.  Society around us says that there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of skin.  After all, we do have some limits, right?  Yet, deep down inside, we get this sense that something isn’t quite right.  Perhaps we enjoy it a bit too much – or perhaps we feel awkward watching it.

I’m going to advocate a difficult choice.  I think we, all Christians, should stop watching sexual scenes on television.  This isn’t easy – without great tools like VidAngel, it may mean just giving up certain movies and TV shows.  Still, I think it’s important.

I invite you to listen to my reasons and, if you feel moved, send me a response with what you think.  This may be one of my most controversial episodes yet.

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S02E11 6 Reasons why you need to stop watching sex on TV


Saint Gangulphus of Burgundy


Born to one of the most illustrious families of Burgundy, his education was provided by his parents, who were virtuous Christians. As a youth, Gangulphus was known for his great honesty, chastity, and propriety, and visited churches and read religious texts, avoiding the company of libertines. When his parents died, he became a model landowner, taking care of the household economy with ease and industry and also providing for the churches and the poor on his land. When it came time to marry, he chose a woman who did not share his virtues.

As an important nobleman, Gangulphus participated in the wars of the time, but also dedicated himself to preaching the Gospel in Frisia.

On a journey back to Burgundy, he found a property at Bassigny upon which stood a fountain that issued fresh and good water. Gangulphus bought the property. However, his friends mocked him because this property’s fountain would not serve back at home. However, when Gangulphus returned home, he pushed a stick into the soil. The next day, he instructed his servant to pull the stick out of the soil. Out of the soil emerged a new fountain, from which gushed fresh water.

During his absence, his wife had committed adultery with a priest. His wife protested her innocence, but Gangulphus wished her innocence to be judged by God. Thus, he had her dip her hand into the very same source of water he had created on his property. His wife’s hand was completely and miraculously scalded by the water. Gangulphus was fairly lenient: he forbade his wife from ever sharing his marriage bed and also ordered the priest to go abroad.

Gangulphus meanwhile withdrew to his castle at Avallon, near Vézelay, performing works of penance and charity.

However, his wife soon had her lover return. Hurrying back, the priest, wishing to decapitate Gangulphus, attacked the saint as he slept. However, the priest missed and injured Gangulphus’ thigh. The wound, however, proved to be fatal and Gangulphus received the Last Sacraments on May 11, 760.

The priest fled the country with Gangulphus’ wife.[4] Purported miracles soon took place at Gangulphus’ tomb. Both his wife and the priest soon suffered illnesses and died.




6 Reasons why you need to stop watching sex on TV

  1. You’re not as separate as you think.  
    1. It IS porn to your brain.  
    2. Porn is as addictive as crack.
    3. If you are male you will be physically responding somehow.
    4. I’ll give a “pass” to the eunichs on this point.
  2. It numbs you to the importance of the sexual act
    1. TV cannot possibly capture all that God created sex to be
    2. Seeing it repeatedly has the same effect as seeing violence
    3. You cannot possibly see all the consequences play out.
    4. It’s like watching the first few nanoseconds of an atomic bomb going off.
  3. It creates incorrect expectations
    1. Expectation management is a critical part of managing our lives
    2. The more we see something a certain way, the more we expect that.
      1. Everyone has an offroad vehicle
      2. Everyone has a well decorated house
      3. Everyone gets a full paid expense trip to college
      4. Everyone gets to have care-free sex and have it always be awesome
    3. Real sex in real marraige DOES NOT WORK THIS WAY
    4. Jokes about wife vs. mistress
  4. It’s invading another’s personal space.
    1. Imagine getting a time machine to go back and watch your own parents creating you.
    2. You do have parents, they mostly likely had a LOT of sex (my sensitivities to any who might have come from a violent start).
    3. Yet we do not want to go watch that
    4. We do not want to see our friends that way
    5. Story about wife taking semi-naughty pictures of friends wife.
    6. Imagine if it was your own son or daughter on that screen, how would you feel?
    7. You are contributing to it being someone’s son or daughter!!
  5. Our society is too sensitive to it to possibly be safe.
    1. C.S. Lewis and story of sex urge vs gluttony
    2. You cannot serve alcohol samples to an alcoholic
    3. As a society, we are addicted to sex.  Yes, some of us less than others (maybe!) but it’s still a really big problem.
    4. We as Catholics need to lead the way.  We call for moral reform in marriage and sexuality, but statistics show we still watch the skin on TV
    5. Even many major Catholic voices regularly talk about watching skin on TV.
  6. It encourages further sexual exploitation.
    1. This doesn’t seem real maybe, or doesn’t seem like it could matter, but it’s true
    2. Once you start down that path…
    3. It’s like saying to someone that a little bit of crack is OK…just don’t go down
    4. Maybe you yourself don’t get led into pornography (though statistics say otherwise), but the existence of this material does lead MANY there.
    5. Again, we as Catholics and as Christians need to stand against this stuff.


Practical ways

  1. Don’t go see the new Beauty and the Beast
  2. Support Vid Angel and similar films
  3. Don’t go to see major movies in theaters that you know have lots of skin.
  4. Really try to not watch shows that have it.  Honestly you CAN find better things to do with your time, but it does take work!
  5. Don’t be preachy about it (this episode excluded) but do be firm.


6 Reasons why you need to stop watching sex on TV

  1. You’re not as separate as you think.
  2. It numbs you to the importance of the sexual act
  3. It creates incorrect expectations
  4. It’s invading another’s personal space.
  5. Our society is too sensitive to it to possibly be safe.
  6. It encourages further sexual exploitation.

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