Catholic Commute S02E10 Separation and Divorce with Lisa Duffy

Healing and Hope for those in separation

Lisa Duffy returns to the show for a third time to conclude the series.  We wrap up our theme of marriage with a discussion about what to do when your spouse has left.  This episode opens up very painful and difficult subjects.  It is not an easy discussion, and only those who are in this situation understand just how yucky it can be.  I am so thankful for Lisa’s wisdom and perspective.

Although the topic of discussion is separation and divorce, I believe that this episode contains a great deal of wisdom for all of us, married or not.  Those of us whose marriage is still intact need to remember just how valuable it is, how precious.  We need to fight for it.  But we also need to pray for those whose marriage is not intact.  Their path is a difficult one, and all our hearts must go out to support them and work for resolution.

You can download the .mp3 here or listen below!

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