Catholic Commute S02E07 Practical ways to improve your marriage

Interview with Lisa Duffy #2

Mrs. Lisa Duffy is an expert on the subject of marriage and divorce.  In order to help us guys out a bit more (and who doesn’t need the help with marriage?) I have invited her back again for another interview.  The last time she was a deep well of great ideas, and this time I think she was even better.

I think it’s hard for us men – we genuinely do want to try to love our wives, but we often don’t know how, or we mis-fire somehow.  In this episode, we really zoom in on some practical steps that men can do, in many different phases of marriage, to effectively tell our wives that we do love them, that we want to serve them.  I know that I learned a lot in this episode!

If you enjoy what Lisa has to offer, you can read more from her books!

You can download the episode here or listen below!

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