Catholic Commute S02E07 Practical ways to improve your marriage

Interview with Lisa Duffy #2

Mrs. Lisa Duffy is an expert on the subject of marriage and divorce.  In order to help us guys out a bit more (and who doesn’t need the help with marriage?) I have invited her back again for another interview.  The last time she was a deep well of great ideas, and this time I think she was even better.

I think it’s hard for us men – we genuinely do want to try to love our wives, but we often don’t know how, or we mis-fire somehow.  In this episode, we really zoom in on some practical steps that men can do, in many different phases of marriage, to effectively tell our wives that we do love them, that we want to serve them.  I know that I learned a lot in this episode!

If you enjoy what Lisa has to offer, you can read more from her books!

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Saint of episode: Saint Joseph:

Prayer To Saint Joseph, Patron Of A Happy Home.

Dear Saint Joseph, God the Father chose you from all men to be the husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus.

You cared thoughtfully and wholeheartedly for them while on Earth. It was through you that Jesus first learned of His Heavenly Father’s gentles, compassion, protection, and provision. So close were you that He was known simply as the Carpenter’s son.

We now ask your help in these our requests. Please intercede before our Heavenly Father for His protection, provision and peace. Help us make our home wherever it may be a happy home so its suitable for our needs.

Grant us harmony and grace in our home, and may we be ever hospitable to family, friends and neighbors.

Finally, when our life on this earth is over, bring us safely to our heavenly home, where at last we shall enjoy eternal joy with you and all the family of God.

O Saint Joseph, we pray this Prayer For A Happy Home through your name and in the name Jesus Christ, – AMEN

Lisa Duffy is a Catholic author, speaker, and divorce recovery expert who experienced the tragedy of an unwanted divorce in the early 1990s. She has more than 20 years of personal experience helping people rebuild their lives after divorce. Author of A Road to Healing: Daily Reflections for Divorced Catholics, The Catholic Guide To Dating After Divorce, and Divorced. Catholic. Now What?, she has also instituted the Journey of Hope program for Catholic divorce support groups in parishes across the US and in Canada. She blogs at Patheos.Com’s A Million Unheard Souls as well as CatholicMatch.Com. She resides in South Carolina with her husband and three children.

and contributes to many print and online publications such as Aleteia.Org. Aside from her dedication to her family, Lisa speaks at conferences, appears on television and radio, coaches one-on-one and in groups and holds online events.

“The Catholic Guide to dating after divorce”

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