Catholic Commute S02E06 Do you look like Jesus?

Look for what is good, and you will find it

I just got back from attending the Idaho Catholic Men’s conference.  What an amazing event, and my special thanks to those who helped make it possible!  We were blessed with a lot of great speakers, including Father Mike Schmitz. He was particularly awesome, and suggested a neat way of looking at the world.  Literally, are you looking in the same direction, and at the same thing, as Jesus is.

I want to expand that idea.  I believe that God is particularly good at seeing the Good.  He can see “good” in almost any nasty, icky, or yucky situation we humans create.  Precisely because He sees the good, he is able to react to that good.  Our very existence is continual proof that He can see the good.

I want to challenge all of us to look for the good as well.  When we find the good in our wives, children, jobs, houses, and indeed ourselves, it shapes our reality, and our understanding of what the world is like.  We become more like Jesus.

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