Catholic Commute S01E38 Interview with Bill Donaghy on the Theology of the Body

Understanding God's plan for how to live your life

This week we have a special guest – Bill Donaghy has joined us to talk about how we can understand all of our relationships in the light of the Theology of the Body (TOB).  The TOB was originally a series of homilies by Pope John Paul II that spells out how the fundamental truths of our identity can be found in scripture and apply to our daily lives.  Bill helps us apply these in very concrete ways to life as a modern man.

Bill is a speaker at the 2016 International Theology of the Body Congress coming to the Ontario Convention Center this September in Southern California.  You can read more about the congress at  It should be a great opportunity to study, learn, and grow.  You can learn more about TOB at

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BILL DONAGHY is an instructor, international speaker, and curriculum specialist for the Theology of the Body Institute Certification Program. Bill worked for nearly a decade teaching theology at Malvern Preparatory School as well as Immaculata University, while giving talks, retreats, and conferences for the Theology of the Body Institute. He has worked in the fields of mission and evangelization since 1999 and has given talks and retreats to bishops, priests, deacons, consecrated men and women, and the lay faithful throughout the United States, as well as Canada, Mexico, Chile, Australia, and Papua New Guinea. He and his wife, Rebecca, live just outside of Philadelphia, PA with their four children.

Can you explain what the Theology of the Body is for men who have barely (if ever) heard the term? How does it apply to them?

2.) Registration is open for the 2016 International Theology of the Body Congress coming to California this September. Can you tell us about the Congress and what your hopes are by bringing this event to the West Coast for the first time?

3.) You have an impressive lineup of speakers, yourself included—Archbishop Gomez, Jason Evert, Matt Fradd, Pia de Solenni, etc. What will you be speaking on?

4.) I believe that most men today have been fed a diet of intense sexual focus – especially as it relates to the “meaning” of a woman’s body. What would you say to such men to encourage and build the Biblical view of the opposite gender?

5.) What does TOB have to say for what the right “view” is for men of women? Cast a vision of what it looks like for a man to live in proper relationship with his wife. What might we commonly be doing wrong, and what does the “right” way look like?

6.) It is hard for us men to separate ourselves from our sex drive. Even within the bounds of marriage, I personally frequently fall into viewing my wife as my own sexual playmate. What reasons would you give to men about the benefits of living a life consistent with the teachings of the church?

7.) In a recent article, you talk about the power of Holy Friendship, and how powerful this can be to transform lives. What would you say to modern men who are afraid of such deep intimate connections without sexual implications?

8.) what meaning do you think first world men are most missing by not unerstanding the nature of the body? What deeper understanding can TOB give to us?

9.) What other resources would you recommend for men to learn more about the TOB?

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