Catholic Commute S01E34 5 Steps To Help us Evangelize Better

Practical ways you can share the love of Jesus with others

While there are many reasons we may not be evangelizing, I think all of us realize we should do more.  Christ has given us a gift beyond comprehension by His death on the cross.  The only reasonable response is to share this story.  We do not have any trouble sharing our story with a new restaurant or a new movie – why do we have so much trouble sharing our encounter with Christ?

In this episode, I hope to give you some help with this.  I offer you 5 practical tips to help you share your story with others.  It is not easy – the devil himself is dedicated to preventing this.  We have to be intention, we have to remember the importance that sharing our story has.  I know that you have the power to make a difference in the lives of others.

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Episode 34: 5 Steps To Help us Evangelize Better


New Evangelization

New in ardor, method, new in its expression


  1. Learn the faith, read books, listen to talks!
  2. Ask the Lord to put someone in your path each day
  3. Remember that people don’t convert in a moment – you are part of a much larger process
  4. Reach before you teach – connect before you convert
  5. Build community

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