Catholic Commute S01E33 6 reasons that we may not be evangelizing

What you can do to answer the call of our Lord

We alll fall short of what we have been called to.   For those of us who are Christian, who know that we have a special charter to show Jesus to the world.  Yet, we tend not to do that. Why?

In this episode, I explore 6 reasons why all of us are not evangelizing – are not showing what Jesus has done in our lives.  I hope that, as you consider these reasons, you will find motivation to change; reasons to really share who and what Jesus is.  Evangelization seems hard, but can be so easy.

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Episode 33: 6 reasons why we may not be evangelizing


  1. We haven’t met Jesus
    1. No one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket – that would be stupid
  2. We didn’t know it was our role
  3. We have no sense of urgency
    1. Everyone’s going to heaven
    2. Not convinced that gospel is “more”
  4. Programmed to think that people don’t want to hear it
    1. People want to matter, begin again, be worth something!
  5. Evil seems stronger than good
    1. Jesus said that he is giving us power over serpents
  6. We think that we don’t know how
    1. Good experience to share – How am I going to tell anybody about this?
    2. #1 reasons that people don’t go to church?  They’ve never been invited

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