Catholic Commute S01E29 6 Steps to determine the right thing to do

How to navigate life's difficult choices

Choosing the right thing to do has never been more difficult.  In today’s modern world, we are bombarded by all sorts of bad messages that seek to lead us astray.  To survive this attack, we must be deliberate.

In this episode I discuss 6 steps to help determine what the right thing to do is.  It requires humility and honesty.  It requires assessing what it is that we want out of a situation.  While it is not easy, it always pays off in the long run.

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6 steps to determine the right choice.

Determining the morally right thing to do is a lot like figuring out the answers to a math exam, except for that we have a huge bias!

  1.       What is the relevant, basic moral law? (e.g. “needless killing is bad” or “hurting is bad”)
  2.       C. S. Lewis describes the thought process
  3.      First identify the moral concern.  This cannot be argued with.
  4.       How do I apply that basic moral law to my choice?
  5.       Lewis – next step is to create a logical connection
  6.      If I say it out loud, does it sound silly?  Would I be embarrassed to tell my grandmother?
  7.       What is my preference, my bias?
  8.       In moral decisions, we have something we want.  If our argument is stretching in the favor of my own good, be wary!
  9.      Am I honoring my Christian commitment to give and serve others?
  10.       Every choice means choosing person A over person B.  Who is the B in this case?
  11.       What does authority tell me?
  12.       Consult the authority of the church – catechism, encylicals, etc.
  13.      Google search for “Catholic teaching on …”
  14.       Ask your priest/spiritual director
  15.       If it’s a big choice, write down your options on paper
  16.       It helps us to see it written down. As things get more complicated, we cannot keep track of it all
  17.      Write each option on it’s own paper, and write all relevant considerations on that piece of paper.
  18.       Throw away the piece once an option is firmly rejected.  Do not pull it out of the trash.
  19.       If it’s a really big choice, consult your committee.
  20.       Pray in front of the sacrament
  21.      Spouse
  22.       Parents
  23.      Priest/spiritual director
  24.      Trusted friends
  25.        Members of men’s Bible study (you do have one, right!)

g.       Ask the Saints!

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