Catholic Commute S01E25 7 Points from Jeff Cavin’s Book When You Suffer

My take-away points from reading this book, and why you should!

Jeff Cavins When you suffer book

Suffering is inevitable.  The question is not if we will suffer, but instead what we will do with it.  Unfortunately, our society has a particularly low view on the value of suffering.  Jeff’s book offers a different view.

Today I talk about the 7 big take-away points I got from reading this book.  By no means is this a replacement for actually reading it.  If you currently are in the midst of suffering, this book is a must-read.  It not only covers the theology and meaning of suffering, but the last chapter has 10 practical tips for what to do when you are in the midst of suffering.

If you did not catch the previous episode, make sure you go and listen!  Jeff was generous enough to allow me to call him and ask him several questions about suffering.  You will enjoy his answers!

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Episode 25, my 7 take-away points from Jeff Cavin’s new book When you suffer,Biblical Keys for Hope and Understanding


  1. We don’t need to be afraid of suffering
  2. Through Christ, it can mean something more
  3. Offering it up takes work
  4. Suffering is an opportunity – to achieve the goals we really care about
  5. Our suffering can benefit others
  6. Embracing our suffering leads to a full life
  7. There is supernatural help waiting to be asked

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