Catholic Commute S01E24 Jeff Cavins Interview – When You Suffer

Biblical teacher Jeff Cavins joins us today to talk about his newest book!

Jeff Cavins holding his suffering book

Today is a special treat!  I was originally going to air this episode on Monday, but in honor of memorial day, decided to delay to Tuesday.  After all, very few people should be making their commute today!  I think, however, it is worth the wait.

Jeff Cavins is the author of the Bible Timeline series, a fantastic journey through the narrative books of the Bible that really connects it all together. His newest book, “When you suffer, Biblical keys for hope and understanding” is fantastic.  He talks about what all Christians can do when the inevitable suffering comes.

Today he was generous enough to give me the time to ask a series of questions.  He unpacks a lot of difficult and challenging topics on suffering.  The topics ranged from theology to practical steps in your own life.

Thank you so much Jeff for this great opportunity!  If you have not subscribed to the podcast (you can in iTunes!) you can download the file directly here!


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