Catholic Commute S01E22 6 Steps to Improving Your Prayer Life

How to have a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Our Lord

Prayer is hard.  Being truly open and connected to another person here on earth is hard enough, but opening ourselves up to the Creator of the Universe is even harder.  It is, however, super important.  When we open ourselves up to the Lord, we connect ourselves to the font of creativity that made the universe.  Archbishop Fulton Sheen used to claim that a great many psychological disorders could be solved through confession and prayer.  That is how powerful this is.

In this episode, I give you 6 practical steps to take your prayer life to the next level.  It is difficult to go directly from “casual catholic” to “Mother Teresa” level.  To help make some progress, I’ve broken out 6 steps.  I think you’ll find some help.

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