Catholic Commute S01E21 7 Tips to Making Your Camping Trip Amazing

Even if you have prepared well, it can be difficult to relax

It’s all ready! You’re heading out for the first time.  Hopefully you are going with at least one other family (if not a group.)  Now comes the real test, are you ready?

That first camping trip can open up the eyes of everyone in the family.  Once open, will they see the beauty of God’s creation?  Or, will they see the frustration of parents?  There’s a lot of ways to help steer your family to success, but you have to be intentional.

This episode I give you 7 tips for how to make the camping trip successful once you are in the field.  If you are at all like I was at the start, these tips might make the difference between a memory of fondness or frustration.

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Episode 21 – Tips while camping


  1. Give the kids jobs to do.
  2. Don’t rush the setup.  Bring food for dinner if right after work.
  3. Don’t worry about dirt.  Let the kids live it up.
  4. Take a slow pace, don’t have an agenda
  5. Be flexible with bed times
  6. Setup everything in tent that you’ll need for the night before you put hte first kid down.
  7. Cleanup is always messy

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