Catholic Commute S01E18 Go Outside!

The value and importance of spending time outside this summer

Summer is coming!  I am super excited for the warmer weather and outdoors adventures.  In order to help kick off the season, I’m starting a series of podcasts about the great outdoors.  The first episode, is why you should get outside.

God created nature and we can find incredible meaning and value in it.  Today I discuss 6 reasons why you should start planning an outdoors adventure.  Immersing yourself in nature can change not only yourself, but your interactions with your entire family.

I also include a continuum of nature engagement types.  These will form the basis of future podcast episodes as we start to explore just how to connect with God’s amazing creation of nature.

If you are not subscribed (the route I prefer for the podcasts I listen to) you can download the mp3 here or listen below!

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