Catholic Commute S01E16 5 Truths about Sex to unlock its potential Part 2

Why sex cannot be just about a sensation

There are perhaps few topics that modern society has attacked as hard as sex.  We are literally saturated with toxic and misleading messages about what we men (and women!) should expect about sex and from sex every day.  Yet, somehow, we are still supposed to find meaning and fulfillment from our sexual experiences in marriage.

In this episode, I tackle the second 3 of 5 really difficult truths about sex for men.  It’s not enough to simply “try hard” – we need to be deliberate and intentional.  These are not easy things to hear, but they are harder things yet to live without.

Join me today, and if you struggle with these issues, you may find some help to change.  Today’s topic is an adult one, so consider carefully who can hear the podcast.

Download the .mp3 here, or listen below!

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