Catholic Commute S01E12 6 Undeniable Truths about Freedom

Freedom isn't just about getting what you want

Beginning somewhere in the dawn of time (or maybe when William Wallace first painted his face blue), freedom has been an incredibly valuable thing.  We all know we want to be free.  We even fought wars over becoming free!  We are free…right?

Unfortunately today most people don’t really understand freedom.  Many think that freedom simply means “being able to do what I want to do.”  That’s not actually true.  If we simply do what we want to do, we won’t make it very far in this life.  Instead, we need something more.

True freedom requires saying “no” to our own disordered will.  True freedom requires us to think and discern about right and wrong.  While this sounds hard (and often is), it is also the only path to enjoying the real benefits of freedom.

If you want to find a deeper and more meaningful sense of freedom, I invite you to listen to today’s episode.

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