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Hello, welcome to my blog!  Everything isn’t quite ready yet, but it’s time to get started.  This is a blog for men.  I want my first post to outline my goals for writing.  There are a lot of blogs out there that deal with leadership and self-growth.  There are also a lot of blogs on theology.  I believe, however, there’s a very real and urgent need to challenge men, specifically, to grow in Christ-likeness.  We are tasked to lead our families and communities as Christ models for us: through sacrifice.  I’m going to be direct and it may be hard to read.  It will be even harder to actually live.  We all have people that are counting on us, depending on us, maybe even desperate for us to grow into the men God intends us to be.

Mountain Road

So, what is this blog actually about anyways?

1. Religion.  I want men to grow religiously – deepen their personal connection to Christ.  We need to learn the faith in order to live it.  Furthermore, Christ is the source and end of true growth.  We are called to become like Christ, and only by acknowledging this ultimate goal can we actually achieve it.  I do not mean to insult the other self-growth resources available online; indeed quite often I will refer you to them!  Instead I want to add to them into the deeper context of Christ.

2. Marriage. Men are called to be husbands, loving their wives as Christ loved the church (Yes, that does mean sacrificing ourselves like on a Cross).   My wife and I struggle in own marriage even now, partly because neither of us have ever lived with a good example.  I invite men to join me and try to escape this cycle.

3. Family.  Families are the pillars of society, and should be our greatest joy.  When our pillars are broken, our society crumbles and falls.  I’m a child of a broken family, and I’m not alone.  We men are meant to be the leader and cornerstone of the family.  We are the domestic high priest.

4. Leadership.  I want to inspire men to develop their leadership potential.  Starting all the way back in Genesis, God charged men with a special role of leadership.  God specifically gives Adam the instruction to not eat of the tree, and God specifically asks Adam first why he ate of the tree.  We, as a gender, are still struggling for a good answer to this question (and it’s still all too easy to blame Eve).  Too many men give up, sliding towards the mediocrity which society expects.  It’s time for us to accept ownership and responsibility as the leaders God intended us to be: both in and out of the household.

I’m hoping to connect men together.  I’m not entirely sure what direction this will go, but I am confident that we cannot grow alone.  We all need guidance and accountability.  For most of the history of mankind we had interconnected communities and societies that brought both men and women together regularly. Somehow in the modern world that’s been broken; not only do we not know the names of their neighbors, our community events are rare and stressful occurrences.

I certainly don’t know all the answers; this isn’t a set of instructions, it’s a log of my own journey.  I hope you will find this help here, and I hope you will work with me to become the men that God intended us to be.

Question: What resources have helped you to grow as a man?  I’m excited to read your thoughts below!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Stakes are High

  1. Very Good Michael.
    I am happy to see you have gone to the next step and my prayers are with you and your family.
    You are on the right path to Eternal Life with Jesus.
    I am looking forward to ready on.
    May God Bless,